Jonathan Nguyen


I am a polymath so at any given moment there are probably 10 projects I’m interested in that are completely unrelated or tangential to my day job. This is where they end up as captured thoughts, early arguments and published under my principle of hoc opus numquam perfectum or unfinished work. 

Most of the subject matter here will be about technology, innovation, communications & marketing, human behaviour, philosophy or some weird combination of both.

Esoterica, et cetera is not for everyone. Esoterica is by definition, well, esoteric. Some will definitely find the perspectives contrarian and perhaps confrontational. For the few that do find this useful, please contribute by commenting or just drop me a note to say “Hi!”

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About me

I spent the first 10 years of my career in various technology roles, starting in mobile networks, then web 1.0 but ultimately ending up as a systems architect, designing mobile and distributed computing systems. Then in 2008, sensing the rising importance of social and digital media I joined an integrated communications agency. As fate would have it, today, both of my worlds have collided, technology is fundamental to everything and the disruption is only just beginning.