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Obsess over distribution*

I help startups commercialise through sound fundamentals and discipline. There's no black magic.

The pandemic showed the world that everyone is an expert in vaccines with a bit of "do your own research". Marketing has been that way for years. Despite being a professional occupation, everyone has an opinion on it, regardless of training and experience.

There is a well-studied (albeit often debated) marketing body of knowledge. My job is to ensure you have the right fundamentals. You have to bring the sexy, and you're still gonna grind, baby grind! Otherwise, why are you even a founder?

If you want to work with me, Unsensible is my marketing strategy firm for growth-stage startups. Orytiv Ventures is our venture company, and if you're very early stage, I recommend joining a Founder Institute program. All the links and more are below.

*If you don't follow Justin Kan, you should.

Jonathan Nguyen lying down taking a photo on top of a mountain
Sometimes I take photos

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