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Your problem is you're a f*cking expert

And you're trying to sell to us dummies.

If you're the founder of a genuine AI startup (like you've developed some shit hot IP not just ChatGPT + Insert something here) you're a pretty niche f*cking expert.

And if you're trying to scale to something that is Unicorn NASDAQ sized, you have to sell to a lot of dummies. That corporate procurement team? Dummies. Management team? Dummies. Tech team, mostly dummies.

They're not stupid, they're probably pretty bloody smart but a random forest is just where they go camping on weekends. So to convince them to buy, you have to make them care.

But this is just the kind of problem that I'm a f*cking expert on. If I get an idea, I'll share it below, or subscribe to my newsletter so you don't have to remember how to spell Nguyen everytime.

Jonathan Nguyen on a mountain taking photos
Photo that makes me look more dimensional than just a marketing wonk

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